vtkTkImageViewerWidget - strange

Sven Prevrhal Sven.Prevrhal at oarg.ucsf.edu
Thu Jan 13 16:18:09 EST 2000

I have vtk 2.4 on solaris 2.7, compiled with Sun's compiler,
Tcl7.6/Tk4.2 and shared libs and the --with-tkwidget option. That builds
OK, I run start the vtk executable and after a few modifications to the
Makefiles (see earlier mail from me) also load the shared libs into

But:  vtkTkImageViewerWidget  and the other vtkTk classes are unknown in
wish with loaded libs, although all the other vtk commands are
vtkTkImageViewerWidget also works fine in the vtk executable, and "nm
libVTKImagingTcl.so" shows that the functions are there.

So what's wrong - any idea?


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