displaying vtkActor2D with Java

Simon J. Rees sjrees at okstate.edu
Thu Jan 13 10:29:35 EST 2000

One way of doing this with the vtkPanel in Java would be:

vtkPanel renPanel = new vtkPanel();
vtkScalarBarActor sb =  new vtkScalarBarActor();
    *    rest of pipeline etc.


ps. some earlier versions of vtk had the getRenderer method as
GetRenderer. Don't know why but you may need to check.

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From: Tobias Schößler <sime at online.de>
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Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 6:51 PM
Subject: displaying vtkActor2D with Java

Does anybody know how to display a vtkActor2D with the Java port of vtk.

The vtkPanel does not support this. I tried to build a custom
but failed.

    thanx Tobias Schößler

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