Where to get VTK3.0

Ken Martin ken.martin at kitware.com
Wed Jan 12 11:52:18 EST 2000

<x-flowed>VTK 3.0 is still under development. We thought it would be out quickly but 
then decided at the last minute to do a cleanup of the data streaming API. 
This cleanup has been underway for the past two months and was just checked 
in last week. Right now the version number indicates 3.0.0 which is a pre 
beta version of 3.0, probably in the next week we will go to 3.0.1 (3.0 
beta 1) then either a second beta or a final release. The final release of 
3.0 will probably have a version number of 3.0.2 or 3.0.3. Unfortunately 
the 3.0.0 version number was put out when we though we were going to beta 
and then changed our minds.

- Ken

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