contrib/vtkSurfaceReconstructionFilter : data/examples ?

Sebastien Barre sbarre at
Mon Jan 10 08:02:31 EST 2000

At 10:50 10/01/00 +0000, Tim Hutton wrote:

>>I thought I would have a look at the corresponding example
>>contrib/examplesTcl/reconstructSurface, but ran out of luck, as the script
>>complained about a missing file : SampledPoints/cactus.3337.pts


>The vtkSurfaceReconstructionFilter class is for when you just have a set of
>points that you know to lie on the surface of an object, such as from a 3d

Oh I see, I was not sure about that, as there are images of dental parts of
the skull in your homepage or homepage of your project, and I doubt you
acquired laser range data for these, don't you ?

>The tcl example should make things a little clearer, try
>visualising the raw points.


>No, the approach you outline is best for your data, is bound to give better
>results since you have a lot of implicit connectivity information. My guess
>is that it will be much faster too.

Yes, the examples are perfectly clear, marching cube should perform better,
there are some problems (glintch) at the "corner" of the cactus model...

Thanks Tim. 

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