How to improve the speed of vtkRendering?

Ken Martin ken.martin at
Thu Jan 6 09:19:35 EST 2000

<x-flowed>The first thing to try is using triangle strips. Most graphics cards render 
triangle strips much faster than independent polygons or triangles. Usually 
putting in a triangle filter followed by a stripper will do the trick. Also 
if your data is not changig, then usually immedatemoderenderingoff should 
be faster since it uses display lists. Finally, of course there is a 
relationship between rendering speed and the capabilities of your graphics 
card. If your graphics card can only render 100K polys/sec then there is 
nothing VTK can do to go faster than that without changing your data. The 
alternative is to reduce your data using a technic such as vtkDicmatePro.

- Ken

At 11:34 AM 1/6/00 +0800, csyang wrote:
>     I turned on immediate mode rendering on the 
> mappers(m_Mapper->ImmediateModeRenderingOn()). But there is still not 
> enough speed to display my object.In my program,I must updata some 
> objects in vtkRenderWindow and re_rendering the vtkRenderWindow use 
> m_vtkRenderWindow->Render.So the speed is slow.How can I improve the 
> speed of this?

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