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Wed Jan 26 18:51:47 EST 2000

Hello vtkusers,

I am using vtkBMPReader to read a set of slices (to build a 3D
volume), in vtk man page, it says:

The dimension of the dataset depends upon the number of files
read. Reading a single file results in a 2D image, while reading
more than one file results in a 3D volume. To read a volume,
files must be of the form "FileName." (e.g., foo.ppm.0,
foo.ppm.1, ...).

You must also specify the image range. This range specifies the
beginning and ending files to read (range can be any pair of
non-negative numbers).

But the problem is that I can not find a method can assign the
file range, like vtkVolum16Reader::SetImageRange().

Somebody can help me?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
 vtk                          mailto:vtk at yifan.net

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