XY plots with VTK

Joey Mukherjee joey at rolaren.space.swri.edu
Wed Sep 29 17:18:08 EDT 1999

I want to make simple XY Plots with VTK (I know, what a waste!), but I have my 
reasons; however, what I am having a problem with is the best way to do it.

XYPlotActor can't seem to do what I want since I want to define both the X and Y 
coordinates and XYPlot only allows for an independent Y variable.

I tried setting up a vtkPolyData structure with each point as a vertex, but that 
comes out looking like a straight line.  When I have around 1000 points, and 
then glyphing each one of the points (which are very close together), it takes a 
very long time and looks like a regular "fat" line.

Has anyone else done this?  What data organization did you use?  Does anyone 
else have some ideas on a good way to do this?


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