Contouring along a specified non-axis direction?

Harrow, Matthew MHarrow at
Tue Sep 28 15:35:38 EDT 1999

I have a stack of images that I am trying to obtain contours from. I know
the data follows a direction about 40 deg. off the z-axis. The contour
functions connect cells based on the direct overlapping of data along the
so when I run a contour function I get surfaces in the x-y plane, however,
because the data is angled and the distance between slices is great the
contours from one slice do not connect to the next slice.

Is it possible to define the direction of contouring, or define a some type
of sheared voxel? 


Matthew E. Harrow
Orthopaedic Engineering
Carolinas Medical Center
mharrow at

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