vtkImageReslice (2nd Try)

David Gobbi dgobbi at irus.rri.on.ca
Mon Sep 27 18:21:03 EDT 1999

Hi Sathya,

I'm just back from vacation.  I've had complaints from three
separate parties that vtkImageReslice doesn't behave properly under
certain circumstances, and I think that the best way that I can deal
with this is to write some test scripts to make sure that it behaves
as I expect even under unusual conditions.

If you send me a copy of your program as well as a directory listing
of the data files I can look for problems.

 - David

On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, Sathya wrote:

> Hello All
> I had recently posted a question on vtkImageReslice. I am trying again.
> I had implemented vtkImageReslice for rotating the data I obtained thru vtkPNMReader (CT Data) along Z axis. But, vtkImageReslice crashes if the number of slices goes above 50.
> I have OptimizationOff () and InterpolateOn ().
> I am using a WindowsNT machine with 384 Meg RAM and 550 Mhz Pentium III.
> Please let me know what should be done to avoid the crashes.
> Thanks
> cheers
> ~sathya
> Sathya Krishnamurthy
> Res: 317-630-5412
> Off: 317-278-1357
> http://omirf.iusd.iupui.edu/~ksathya

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