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Miguel Angel Rodriguez Florido marf at dsc.ulpgc.es
Mon Sep 27 10:25:46 EDT 1999

Hello vtkusers, 
	I'm trying to update a program from v2.0 to v2.2 but the problem is the
vtkBitScalars, vtkUnsignedScalars, vtkBitScalars and VtkFloatScalars
classes have disappeared and we only have the vtkScalars class in v2.2.
	So there are methods like GetPointer which don't exist in this class. I
guess VTK should take into account it but I haven't found any method
that replace GetPointer. 
Is there anybody who know something about it?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Bye and good luck.

	   	       Miguel Angel Rodriguez Florido               
               ETSI Telecomunicacion - Campus de Tafira - ULPGC     
         email: marf at dsc.ulpgc.es - Tf:928 452980 - Fax:928 451243   
		       Gran Canaria - Canary Islands

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