I use tcl and incr tcl with vtk

Tom G. Smith smitty at kcc.com
Mon Sep 27 09:05:07 EDT 1999

Incr tcl is new to me, unless that's another referent for Tcl Extended.
I'm fairly new to Tcl anyway, having written only two real applications
in it.  The first of these involved using Tcl and expect to allow
remote administration of user passwords from one unix host to another,
and the second was an X-client front-end to an APL interpreter I
wrote called CAPLIB2, available at -


I'm a complete neophyte at vtk.  I was experimenting with it, trying
to learn how it works, when I ran into the problem trying to use
ctoken, a function only available in Tcl Extended.  I still haven't
figured out to make vtk work with Tcl Extended, so if "Tcl Extended"
and "Incr Tcl" are one and the same, I'd appreciate knowing how
you got it to work with vtk.

> hi...
> do u also use that?
> how happy are u with the interface between incr tcl and vtk ?
> best wishes...


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