Streaming in the imaging pipeline -- please ignore this question

Ron Inbar rinbar at
Fri Sep 24 08:53:27 EDT 1999

I think I figured it out for myself already.  I didn't know I had to specify
a memory limit.


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Hello everybody!

I have a fairly large volume (512 x 512 x 253 x 16 bit).  I'm trying to
process it using the attached script.  It runs fine until it gets to the
smoothing stage (vtkImageGaussianSmooth).  Then it exhausts the physical
memory and begins to swap, which slows processing down to a halt.  I thought
the streaming facilities of the imaging filters were designed exactly for
this purpose, but I don't see any streaming behavior.  The filters seem to
execute sequentially, and I get the following output:

Reading volume16 file...
Reading complete.
Thresholding image...
Theshold complete.
Identifying exterior...
Exterior identified.
Masking out exterior...
Masking complete.

(At this point I had to terminate it, because it ran out of physical

I expected the filters to run interleaved, i.e., some smoothing, then some
subsampling, then some writing, then some more smoothing, etc.  I guess I'm
missing something here.  Please help me out.

Thanks in advance,


P.S., If you take the trouble to read the script, I think it is safe to say
you can ignore the filters threshold, connectivity and mask.  They seem to
run OK and give the correct output.

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