A Poll of vtk/tcl users

Tom G. Smith (X75826) smitty at kcc.com
Fri Sep 24 08:50:23 EDT 1999

Thanks for the response.  I was beginning to wonder if there was
anyone out there.  Tcl Extended came into existence, I believe with
version 8.0.  According to the man page (man TclX), "Extended Tcl was
created by Karl Lehenbauer (karl at neosoft.com) and  Mark Diekhans
(markd at grizzly.com)..."  It comes pre-installed on Redhat 5.2, and
I've successfully installed it on HP-UX 10.20.

Basically it's a compilation of additional functions that're often
useful.  I hit the problem of it apparently not being available with
vtk when trying to use ctoken.  My workaround was to use this proc:

        proc ctoken_mine {line dlm} {
        # Implements ctoken, available in Tcl Extended.
        # Tcl Extended isn't available in vtk.
                upvar $line str

                set str [string trimleft $str]
                if {[string length $str]} {
                        set tok [string range $str 0 \
                                [expr [string first " " "$str "]-1]]
                        set str [string range $str [string length $tok] end]
                } else {
                        set tok {} ;# empty
                return $tok

BTW, I really was serious about posting a tally of the poll responses
received by October 1. 
> Hi Tom, 
> Just so that you know we are reading  :-)
> I use Vtk in C++ mode, with TCL for quick tests.
> What is this Tcl Extended??
> Cheers,
> Nigel


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