Image pipeline

Ana Cugat c1f6326 at
Sat Sep 18 19:51:38 EDT 1999

<x-flowed>Hi everybody,

As I said in a recent message I want to do a 3D slicer as the one in 
medical3.cxx but using textures instead of the geometry filter. However, I 
think I don't understand very well the image pipeline, and I have some 
doubts about it.

First of all, I don't understand why when I use the ImageReader and then I 
render the image with the ImageViewer, the images I see use only grey 

Second, I use the vtkImageClip to select a slice, I use 
vtkImageToStructuredPoints, and then I use it as texture for a plane, and I 
see the image with colours.

Third, I assign a black to white lut to the texture, and the texture becomes 
rather strange (lots of coloured points).

If someone can give me a hint I will appreciate,


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