Numeric Python data pass to Vtk

Dean N. Williams williams13 at
Fri Sep 17 08:46:14 EDT 1999

Dear Vtk gurus,

    I am trying to use Vtk for the first time to generate images. But
first, I need
    to get my computed Numeric array data sets into Vtk. That is, I have
    data in memory that have been computed by the Numeric Python module
    and now I want to pass the data directly to Vtk for rendering.

    Which Vtk/Python function do I use? I did not see an examples of
this in the
    "vtk2.4/graphics/examplesPython" directory. Every thing in this
    read data directly from files located in the "vtkdata" directory.

    Thanks in advance for your directions.

Best Regards,

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