Bug report: vtkVRMLExporter

Jorrit Schaap jorrit at lkeb.azl.nl
Thu Sep 16 11:34:12 EDT 1999


I noticed four 'bugs' in the vtkVRMLExporter.

1. the backgroundcolor of the rendered scene is not written.
2. instead of writing the colors of a (vtk)line to (vrml 's)
emissiveColor, it is written to (vrml 's) diffuseColor, resulting in
black lines in cosmoplayer.
3. the headlight (in vrml) is turned off, while in vtk there is a light
shining from the camera's viewpoint.
4. actors with the property VisibilityOff are exported to vrml, even
though they are not 'present' in the rendered scene (at least not

greetings, Jorrit Schaap.

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