strange behaviour of assembly.tcl

Jan Ehrhardt ehrhardt at
Wed Sep 15 05:34:48 EDT 1999


testing the assembly.tcl example (vtk 2.3), the following happens:

I rotate the cube or sphere or cylinder in object mode. And every time I rotate
the coneActor outside the assembly, the cube, sphere and cylinder switch
back to it´s start-positions.
I think this is a bug ?! 

Second question:

I want to visualize something like hirarchy in my scene. Per menu I will select
an object like "Car" and move the whole car  in my scene. Then I will select
the "wheel", of the car and I will only move the wheel relative to the actual
car position. And when I move the car again, the "wheel" moves relative to its
current position.
Is this easy to implement using assemblys or are there problems (like the


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