Python and Vtk

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Tue Sep 14 14:50:27 EDT 1999

Dean Williams asked:

>     Question 1: Are the warnings okay and do I how do I get rid of
>     them?

Answer 1.: i disregarded them and vtk-python works fine on my

>     The make seemed to work for much of the compile, but then it
>     stops at "vtkTkRenderWidget":

> /usr/local/include/tkUnixInt.h:20: tkInt.h: No such file or directory

check and see where your redhat stores its tcl/tk __internal__
headers. easiest way is this:

locate tkInt.h

and put that directory into the includes

(i had the same problem)

>    I have /usr/local/lib/libtcl8.1.a and /usr/local/lib/libtk8.1.a
>    and /usr/local/include/tk.h and
>    /usr/local/include/tcl.h.

these are the "external" headers. you need the __Int__ernal headers
tkInt.h and tclInt.h

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