Efficient way to read and render a large hex mesh?

Ulrich Uphoff mw19213 at mucweb.de
Sat Sep 11 08:23:29 EDT 1999

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Subject: Efficient way to read a lage mesh?

> Hi All,
> what is the most efficient way to restore an unstructured
> grid from a file?
> for a 16250 cell mesh I used
>   vtkUnstructuredGrid aHexahedronGrid
>   aHexahedronGrid Allocate 130000 130000
>   vtkUnstructuredGridReader gr
>    gr SetFileName $filename
>    gr Update
>    aHexahedronGrid CopyStructure [gr GetOutput]
> but isn't that wasting time and space? Is there a better way?

Some additional words: I am trying to visualize some unstructured
hexahedron meshes. I started with a mesh with 16000 cells, which is 
processed very fast. Then I used  a mesh consisting of  
500000 cells. Since the vtk toolkit seems to be equally 
fast compared to CFD-tools like ICEM Hexa, EnSight
or the FIRE Preprocessor concerning clipping and cutting, the time 
until this big mesh appears on the screen is about 3 minutes on an 
SGI-Octane. What is the reason for this? Loading the binary vtk 
file is quite fast (~4s). Is hte mapping process so slow?

Even if I try the vtkGeometry filter, things do not change.

How can I improve this process?

Uli Uphoff

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