Colors in Volumes & Cut Planes

Doug Haigh dhaigh at
Fri Sep 10 13:46:50 EDT 1999

I have a StructuredPoints data set that I feed into a vtkVolumeRayCastMapper for
a rendered volume and into a vtkCutter for a cut slice plane in the volume.

1) I can turn shading on & off in a VolumeProperty, but how do I turn it off for
the cut plane? I do not want the ambient lighting to affect the output color. I
want the color directly from the color table.

2) Why are there two different ways to specify color tables to output data?
vtkVolume uses a vtkVolumeProperty to set up a vtkColorTableLookup for colors
and vtkPiecewiseFunction for alpha values whereas the cut plane sets a
vtkLookupTable into the vtkDataSetMapper. Is there a reason for a difference
between the two? The vtkColorTableLookup/vtkPiecewiseFunction provides the same
information as the vtkLookupTable.

Doug Haigh
MedAcoustics, Inc.

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