examples for Java

Les Schaffer godzilla at netmeg.net
Thu Sep 9 11:29:34 EDT 1999

Randy said:

> It's been awhile (I currently don't build "with-java"), but the simple Java
> examples found here used to work -- including the Java Swing stuff:

>   http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/~heiland/vtk/

i read through your Linux/Java stuff and am not sure why all the
PThreads stuff you discuss is neccessary.

i compiled vtk --with-java blindfolded, and your sphere.java runs fine
except for renPanel.GetRenderer has to be changed back to

i am using the jdk2 beta from blackdown on glibc2.1 debian unstable

does your sphere.java exercise this pthreads stuff? perhaps i am
missing something.


p.s. your Viewer class works perfectly too, again with the getRenderer 

Hey! Viewer is cool!!!!!

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