O2 <--> Onyx2

Daphne Yu dyu at bme.jhu.edu
Tue Sep 7 17:35:48 EDT 1999

I had this same problem on the Onyx also and also find that the O2 doesn't
have the problem.  Someone suggested me looking into the compiler options
on the Onyx and see if I can maybe turn off some optimization flags
or something but I havn't got around to trying it.  If you have
any success, I'd be very interesting to hear it though!

On Tue, 7 Sep 1999, Stefan Job wrote:

> Hello again,
> Problem: ImageWindow displays fine on O2, but not even half of the
> window on Onyx2.
> I pinned the problem down to this:
> vtkVolume16Reader --> ImageMapper-->2DActor-->Imager-->ImageWindow works
> fine.
> vtkVolume16Reader-->vtkImageFlip-->2DActor-->Imager-->ImageWindow does
> not work.
> vtkVolume16Reader-->vtkImageThreshold-->2DActor-->Imager-->ImageWindow
> does not work.
> What am I doing wrong or why do the filters "loose" some data. Why does
> it work on my O2, but not on the Onyx2 ???
> I'll download the latest vtk-Version and will check if the problem still
> occurs.
> Greetings
> Stefan

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