MESA user.make information

Joey Mukherjee joey at
Fri Sep 3 18:35:13 EDT 1999

> I am having a rough go of getting 2.4 compiled properly on a Solaris-Ultra1 
> I have the Sun's OpenGL properly installed on the system. Does someone know 
> are the proper MESA arguments I should be putting in user.make? The make does
> not show -DVTK_USE_OGLR as a compile flag.
> If anyone on a Sun box has got this working let me know!

I work on the same platform and had no troubles.  Did you install the Sun OpenGL 
from the Sun web page ( 
or did you install Mesa?  Also, did you use "configure --with-mesa"?

I tell VTK to compile using the Mesa header/libraries and then I can replace the 
two libraries interchangably.


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