2.4 make/compile problems

Martin Stoufer mstoufer at Nersc.GOV
Fri Sep 3 11:19:19 EDT 1999

I  noticed the following lines while I was running ./configure on a
Solaris-Ultra 1 box. OpenGL is installed per Sun's installation. I have also
verified that it is working properly.

env CXX=/vol/pub/gcc-2.8.0/bin/g++ CC=/vol/pub/gcc-2.8.0/bin/gcc ./configure
--with-shared --with-patented --with-contrib
checking for GL/gl.h... no
checking for /usr/openwin/share/include/GL/glxmd.h... no
checking for /opt/graphics/OpenGL/include/GL/glxmd.h... no
checking for /usr/X11R6/include/GL/glxmd.h... no
checking for OpenGL library... /usr/openwin/lib

Shouldn't it find some semblance of OGL in the system? Or is this all irrelevant
once you [setenv VTK_RENDERER OpenGL]?
I have also commented out the MESA /lib and /include lines in the user.make.
system.make and  Makefile have not been edited at all.

When I go to compile an example, I get a core dump pretty quickly, Gdb shows the
following errors:

(gdb) run
Starting program: /devel/vtk2.4/graphics/examplesCxx/ColorSph
[New LWP    2        ]
[New LWP    3        ]

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
vtkRenderWindow::AddRenderer (this=0x0, ren=0x25c70) at vtkRenderWindow.cxx:723
723       this->MakeCurrent();

I have a strong feeling that there is some common problem here that is not
letting stuff run.  I would be grateful if someone could shed some light here.
Also, since the FAQ seems to be offline, this problem may or may not have been
already addressed.

Martin Stoufer
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory                 http://www.lbl.gov
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Network Operations & Management Center +1 510-486-7600 (Outside the USA)
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