Can't use vtkWin32MappedInteractor anymore, looking for example to make ugview2 to work

Ken Martin ken.martin at
Fri Sep 3 09:23:08 EDT 1999

> > Another question:
> >
> > pMapper = vtkPolyDataMapper::New();
> > pMapper->SetInput(...);
> > vtkLookupTable* pLUT = pMapper->GetLookupTable();       // not working 
> anymore

The return value is now vtkScalarsToColors which is a superclass
of vtkLookupTable.  If you need the lookup  table just create one
and set it using SetLookupTable and then invoke methods on the
LUT you created or typecast the return value of GetLookupTable
to vtkLookupTable *. The default is still that a vtkLookupTable is
created, but you can manually set it to use a transfer function
also for example.

- Ken

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