Q: vtkAssembly and Rotation?

Luebeck, Harald Harald.Luebeck at gft.de
Fri Sep 3 09:13:23 EDT 1999


i want to rotate a group of some vtkActors.

1)	add the vtkActors to an vtkAssembly.
2)	remove the vtkActors from the renderer ( i dont want to see them
while rotating )
3)	set the origin of this assembly to the middle of the bounding box
4)	rotate the assembly
5)	remove all vtkActors from the assembly an add them to the Renderer (
i want to see them again )

These actors have their original position an orientation and not the
position and orientation of the rotated Assembly.

What do i do wrong ? Can somebody help me with this problem?

Harald Lübeck

GFT Technologies AG
Leopoldstr 1
78112 St. Georgen

E-Mail:	hlk at gft.de
WWW	http://www.gft.de 

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