[vtk] RenderWindow and Images, Annotation

Roland Schwarz roland.schwarz at telecom.at
Wed Sep 1 06:46:11 EDT 1999

Dear vtk Users,

    reading the 'VTK users's Guide' I found out that I
should set the coordinate system of my vtkActor2D
to 'World'. So I did the following:

    myActor2D->GetPositionCoordinate()->SetValue(0.0, 0.0, 0.5);

The annotation image (or text) initially appears at the correct position.
But when I start to move the camera the following errror occurs:

    vtkMatrix4x4.cpp line 223 ... Singular matrix, no inverse!

What do I wrong? Or is this a bug?

Thank you,
Roland Schwarz
Business Email: RSchwarz at riegl.co.at
Private Email: roland.schwarz at telecom.at

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