Sven Junge junge at molly.mpimf-heidelberg.mpg.de
Thu Sep 23 08:39:01 EDT 1999


I have some problems with writing polydata. 
I am used the graphics/examplesTcl/Decimate.tcl. I can read all formats
in and can visualize this data-sets. All things work well, but without
the export of the polydata in any format. The other export-Formats for
exporting the RenWin work also well ( vtkVRMLExporter, vtkOBJExporter,

What is going wrong? 
Is my polydata-set wrong and I have to convert this?

vtkSTLWriter writer
writer SetFileName $filename
writer SetInput PolyData

Thanks Sven

Max Planck Institut            Sven Junge
                for                           AG Molekuelkristalle
  medical research		HF- resonator design
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