John Biddiscombe j.biddiscombe at
Mon Sep 20 06:19:27 EDT 1999

Dear all,

I'd like to generate a histogram (2d) of some data using
vtkImageAccumulate, I'd like to set the bin spacing at a largish value (say
50), and a total span of a thousand or so.

Problem is I've got a huge number of zero values at (0,0) and I want to
skip them - to avoid a massive spike in the zero bin.

Is there a way of tweaking the parameters to skip the zero bin. Instict
tells me if I set the bin centre at (say) 5, with a width of 9, it should
go from 1 to 9, and then 10 to 19 (centred on 15), 20 to 29 etc etc and bin
zero can be skipped by shifting the origin ???

Can anyone who's played around with the image accumulate function give me
some pointers to save some fiddling.


John B

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