vtkScalarBarActor bug

Gala'Vi and Liss @ Mainframe Country pushkare at students.uiuc.edu
Wed Jun 30 15:58:49 EDT 1999


I have located a bug in vtkScalarBarActor that prevents the scalar bar
from being rescaled correctly. The problem is that when you set the
viewport size for the bar, the text is set to be the optimal size, and the
bar itself gets what's left. Very often that "what's left" is just plain
big fat 0. The problems are in the IF statement that begins on line 367 in
vtkScalarBarActor.cxx of vtk 2.3. One way to fix that is to restrain the
text from taking over more than half of the allocated screen space. 

Before I fix this annoying bug, I was wondering if it should be fixed in
some specific way because there are several ways to fix the sucker.

Suggestions welcome.

  -- There is always a way, 
        you just have to find it.
              (B.Hambly "Children Of The Jedi")

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