VTK -> image file without window.

Vamsidhar Juvvigunta vamsidha at merl.com
Mon Jun 28 21:24:25 EDT 1999

> I'm using OpenGL (not Mesa) on Digital Unix. From what I gather, I can't
> use this to do what I want since I need to get a window up before I can

  I think a GL Rendering context can be tied to a pixmap too. I guess the
easiest way now is to see where the glX context calls get made and see if
you can allocate a pixmap and tie it to that.

> >I've been using vtk for volume rendering, which for large datasets is
> >either not real time or is at a very poor resolution. I would like to be
> >able to render directly to an array (without opening a window) so that I
> >can write an MPI program to run on multiple computers each calculating
> >from a different camera pos. 

If you'd rather do this on NT. You can use the win32OffscreenRenderer. I
noticed that such a class exists. MPI on NT should work the same. Or you
can look at the source code of that one and make it work for Xwindows too.

my 2c


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