Texture Mapping

Jordi Cabot cabot at tele.ucl.ac.be
Sun Jun 27 14:11:33 EDT 1999

Nobody answered so here I go again:

1) I want to map on a mesh, a brain extracted with marching cubes. In
addition I already know the points of the mesh which should have TCoords
0,0 0.1,0 ..1,0 .... Couldn't I use this info to get the TCoords of the
mesh without using vtkTextureMapTo..?

2) I understand that vtkTextureMapToPlane/Sphere/Box .. find the TCoords
for a plane, sphere, box, etc.. given a texture map. But how does it
work when the dataset is not a plane, or a sphere,..? In my case I'm
using vtkTextureMapToPlane ,I define a plane with three points of a
brain surface where I want to place the texture map, but what is what
I'm seeing in the surface? How does it go from the plane that I define
to the surface that I input to the filter???

3) If I use RepeatOff,  with the vtkTexture, I get to limit the map to
the surface I want to map, but the rest of the brain has some traces of
the texture mapping, kind of cross that covers the hole brain. I can
make that disappear with InterpolateOff, what is going on?

4) How can I do to avoid mapping my texture to the both faces of the
surface? Right now it maps in the upper surface of the brain (what I
want) but also in the lower surface of the brain. The map traverses the

I'd appreciate if you could give me some bibliography referring to
texture mapping and the implementation you have done.



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