Q: Multiple "interacting" windows with / without threads???

Audrius Stundzia audrius at adv-biologic.com
Thu Jun 24 19:25:11 EDT 1999

Dear vtkers,

Thanks to everyone who replied on my first thread questions. Now . . .

Can I do the following without resorting to threads?

1. Create an object in one window with its interactor

2. Next click on this first object and obtain its scalar
value at that cell.

3. Use this scalar value to construct a second object.

4. Upon clicking at a new point on the first object, a new
scalar value is sent to (re)construct the second object.

5. Step 4 should be repeatable as many times as the user desires.

I think the above would be simpler with threads. No?
Will vtk complain if I run the first pipeline object in on java thread
and the second in another thread?

Best regards,


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