sphere-bench results

Robert Riviere Robert.Riviere at sophia.inria.fr
Thu Jun 24 10:39:30 EDT 1999

Hello vtkusers,

a new batch of updates of the vtk performance database,

1) very hot WinNT workstation with Intense3D Wildcat 4000 Graphics by 
   John M. Anast - the best results for the v2 bench.
   I'd be curious to have an idea of its price.

2) another J.M. Anast result on a cheap win95 station with Millenium II.
   Not very fast, I believe Matrox cards are better at 16bpp (here the 
   test was at 32 bpp)

3) A Linux hardware accelerated station with nVidia chipset and 
   (free) Xserver and OpenGL library by Günter Paczko.

As usual in  :


And thanks to contributors,

Robert Riviere

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