vtkTkImageWindowWidget bug

Odet Christophe christophe.odet at creatis.insa-lyon.fr
Tue Jun 22 12:38:41 EDT 1999

Hi everybody,

I recently sent the following message to the vtkusers list but it never
appears on
the list so I try again. The preceding mail was sent with 2 images showing
the result of the following code. Maybe this is the reason why my message
didn't appears in the list.

So here is the mail......
If somebody can try the script and tell me if he observes problems or not, I
would be very happy.


 when using multiple vtkTkImageWindowWidget, I experienced problems
 with vtk2.3 that do nor occur with vtk2.1. The widgets are correctly
 with vtk2.1 and not with vtk2.3. This occurs on PCWIN98 with VC++6
with Tcl/Tk 8.0.5.

 The example source that shows this is at the end of this message and
 the resulting images are attached to this mail.

 Maybe my code is wrong, maybe it is a vtk bug. I don't know....

 Any help from VTK's gurus ?

 load vtktcl
console show

 canvas .c -height 400 -width 800

 for { set j 0} { $j<4 }  { incr j} {
 for { set k 0} { $k<10 } {incr k} {
  set i [ expr $j*10+$k ]

  vtkImageSinusoidSource sinus$i
  sinus$i SetWholeExtent  0 63 0 63 0 0
  sinus$i SetPeriod [ expr $i+2]
  sinus$i SetDirection 20 [expr $i*2-40] 0

  vtkActor2D actor$i
  vtkImageMapper mapper$i
  vtkImager imager$i
  vtkImageWindow imgwin$i
  vtkTkImageWindowWidget .c.i1$i -width 63 -height 63 -iw imgwin$i
  .c create window [expr $k*68] [expr $j*68] -window .c.i1$i -anchor nw

  mapper$i SetInput [sinus$i GetOutput]
  mapper$i SetColorWindow 512
  mapper$i SetColorLevel 0
  imager$i AddActor2D actor$i
  actor$i SetMapper mapper$i
  imgwin$i AddImager imager$i

  bind .c.i1$i <Expose> " puts \".c.i1$i GetImageWindow\"; .c.i1$i Render;
 update idletasks "
  .c.i1$i Render
 pack .c

ODET Christophe
CREATIS, INSA 502, F-69621 Villeurbanne cedex (France)
tel 04 72 43 85 62
Fax 04 72 43 85 26
Email: christophe.odet at creatis.insa-lyon.fr
URL    :http://creatis-www.insa-lyon.fr

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