Changing opacity in lookup table?

William A. Rozzi warozzi at
Tue Jun 22 11:04:43 EDT 1999


Try this:

vtkLookupTable *lut = vtkLookupTable::New();
     lut->SetHueRange(0.0, 0.6666667);
     lut->SetAlphaRange(1.0, 0.08);      // <<<<<<<<<<

You can also set each table entry's RGBA values directly.

     Bill Rozzi
     warozzi at

>>I would like my model to have a transparent shell but become less
>>transparent for the higher valued points within the model. Is it possible to
>>change the opacity along with color in a lookup table, or is there a way I
>>can set the opacity for the different contours being generated by the
>>contour filter?

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