Reading a binary 3D thresholded data set

Steve Boyd boyd at
Mon Jun 21 17:35:38 EDT 1999


I have a program (written in C) that reads a specialized CT file and
returns a data array which represents the 3D thresholded data (in order
of dimension X, then Y, then Z), and the dimensions in XYZ of the 3D

I'm trying to use the examples in the book to write my own C++ reader of
the data, but I'm having problems because the examples are focussed more
at reading multiple 'slices' from MR or CT.  In my case, all the 3D data
is contained in the data array returned from my C program (for example,
a data file with a volume of 10x10x10 read with my C program would
return an array of length 1000, and the dimensions 10,10,10).

Before I begin to attempt to create my own reader to get my data into a
visualization stream (incorporating my C program), I wanted to see if
I'm 'on the right track' by using the class vtkVolumeReader as a base. 
If anybody has any suggestions for an appropriate base class that I
should use for my particular data, or an example that would be useful
for writing my first own VTKreader, that would be great.



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