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Two page extended abstracts are due June 28, 1999.

             Conference on Visual Data Exploration and Analysis
                      San Jose Convention Center
                             San Jose, CA
                         January 22-28, 2000

                            Call for Papers

   Robert Erbacher, Computer Science Department, University of Idaho
   Philip Chen, Future, Inc.
   Jonathan C. Roberts, Computing Laboratory, University of Kent at
   Craig M. Wittenbrink, Visual Computing Dept., Hewlett Packard

Program Committee:
   Georges Grinstein (University of Massachusetts-Lowell), Matti
   (Helsinki University of Technology), Dr.-Ing. Hans-George
   (German Aerospace Research Establishment), Alex Pang (University
   California-Santa Cruz), Philip Robertson (Canon Information
   Research - Australia), Chris Shaw (University of Regina)

Visualization is rapidly becoming an important field in the analysis
and understanding of data. The rate at which data is generated and
captured is increasing daily with new technological improvements. The
techniques used to aid domain scientists in understanding this data
must see a corresponding improvement. Dissemination of new techniques
and experiences is imperative to increasing the use and scope of

This two-day conference runs concurrently with many other SPIE and
IS&T conferences (many in related areas of interest to the
visualization scientist) and extensive exhibits. Papers are sought
covering all aspects of visualization. Work in progress papers are
acceptable. Example topics include, but are not limited to:

   o  Data Exploration (classical and novel approaches)
   o  Information and Scientific Visualization
   o  Volume and Flow Visualization
   o  Internet and Web Based Technologies
   o  Analysis Techniques and Data Mining
   o  Virtual Environments and Data Visualization
   o  Databases and Visualization
   o  High Performance Computing and Visualization (parallel
   o  Perceptual Issues (including auditorial representations of
   o  Interaction Paradigms and Human Factors
   o  Applications (medical applications, financial applications,
   o  Tools and Applications (including case studies)

The papers from this conference will be published in a bound
proceedings available from SPIE. Authors of the best papers in the
conference will have their names forwarded to the Journal of
Electronic Imaging for possible submission and review of an extended
version of their paper. Authors may also potentially have their
included in a special issue of the Journal on Electronic Imaging
focusing on visualization. Additional information can be found at:

2 Page Extended Abstracts are due from authors June 28, 1999.

                           Submission Information

If you would like to submit a paper for publication in the SPIE &
Conference Proceedings on the subject of analytical and exploratory
visualization (techniques and applications) please send a 2 page
extended abstract in one of the following ways :

   *  Web-Based Submission (PREFERRED)

   *  electronic mail - one copy to
          abstracts at (ASCII format)
          (Please send one submission per email message.)
   *  fax one copy to SPIE at 360-647-1445
          (Please send one submission per fax.)
   *  mail to: (send 4 hard copies of your abstract)
          IS&T/SPIE EI'98
          SPIE, P.O. Box 10 Bellingham, WA 98227-0010
          Telephone: 360-676-3290, FAX: 360-647-1445

      Shipping Address:
          SPIE, 1000 20th St.
          Bellingham, WA 98225-6705

In addition, to ensure receipt of the paper, send an electronic copy
to erbacher at

Be sure each abstract includes the following:

  1. Conference Chair and Conference Title
          to which the abstract is submitted
          (submit to ONLY ONE conference)
  2. Author Listing
          (List principal author first)
          for each author: full name [first(given) last(family] and
          affiliation, mailing address, phone/fax numbers, email
  3. Abstract/Paper Title
  4. Abstract Text: 2 pages
  5. Keywords: maximum of 5 keywords
  6. Brief Biography of the principal author: 50-100 words

Please contact SPIE (spie at or Robert Erbacher
(erbacher at if you have any questions or require further

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