vtk23 compile error?

Randall Hopper aa8vb at ipass.net
Thu Jun 17 17:17:29 EDT 1999

Dongbai Guo:
 |> Dongbai Guo:
 |>  |`int vtkXRenderWindowCppCommand(class vtkXRenderWindow *, ...
 |>  |tcl/vtkXRenderWindowTcl.cxx:160: `temp0' undeclared (first use this
 |>  |function)
 |Does this indicate I need to make clean and start over again?  It took me
 |whole night to get to this point. 

I don't know for sure.  It probably depends on a number of things, such as
whether name mangling works the same with c++ and SGI CC compilers, etc.

I really don't know why you got an undefined temp0 in that function.  It
would seem to be something to do with Tcl wrapper generation (which I don't
know anything about) or at least compilation of those wrappers with c++.
Using SGI cc/CC is just a thought.

If you have disk space, move your current tree aside, and give this a shot
on a fresh tree.


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