Problems with vtkPanel on SGI

Maura attnb4 at
Wed Jun 16 09:57:44 EDT 1999

I'm trying to use Java (1.2) with Vtk (2.3 nightly version) on SGI
platforms (IRIX 6.5). Everything seems to work quite well except
vtkPanel. When I render something in a vtkPanel it behaves like there
was not Z-buffer.

I noticed that vtkPanel code makes some calls to the sun.awt.motif
class. In particular this call (in the code beneath) might be
responsible for right parameters setting of Z-buffer:

public int getWindowID() 

// X windows support in the next three lines
    X11DrawingSurface wds =
------->    int hWnd = wds.getDrawable();


I use the same version of Java and Vtk on a WindowsNt PC and vtkPanel
works well.
As for I couldn't find any public documentation on Java sun.* package, I
really don't know how to solve this problem. So, any suggestion will be
greatly appreciate.

Thank you.


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