a simple question about Tcl/Tk (fwd)

Miguel Angel Martin Fernandez vtk at helios.tel.uva.es
Mon Dec 20 12:15:50 EST 1999

Is everything well with the VTK users e-mail list? I haven't received any
e-mail for 3 days. I've sent two or three and the only answer I've
obtained have been the next:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 21:58:45 +0100 (MET)
From: postmaster at st.vse.cz
To: vtk at helios.tel.uva.es
Subject: Re: Re: a simple question about Tcl/Tk

  The account <XPAVD03 at st.vse.cz>, which belonged to "Pavlis David - ZI",
     has been cancelled on our server ST.VSE.CZ.  Therefore it wasn't
     possible to deliver your message.
  This is automatically generated message. Any other questions mail to 
     postmaster at st.vse.cz

  Uzivatelsky ucet <XPAVD03 at st.vse.cz> uzivatele "Pavlis David - ZI" 
     byl na serveru ST.VSE.CZ zrusen, nebot jiz 0 dni neni studentem VSE.
  Vasi zpravu proto nebylo mozne dorucit.
  Uzivatelova nahradni adresa pro dorucovani posty je
          - nespecifikovana :-(
  Toto je automaticky generovana zprava. Veskere dalsi dotazy piste na 
     adresu postmaster at st.vse.cz


                     Miguel Ángel Martín Fernández
                          ETSI Telecomunicaion
                       Universidad de Valladolid
                         Campus Miguel Delibes 
                    e-mail: miguel at atenea.tel.uva.es
                      Tfono: 983-423000 ext: 25548

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