Looking for my *friend* [Finite Element Method]

vtk vtk at yifan.net
Fri Dec 17 14:43:01 EST 1999

Hi, all:

I posted a message about build a 3D model of femur, and then
export this model to FEM program.  I got an reply from a guy,
he said he is in the same situation as me, and told me try to
read 'Visualization Toolkit 2nd Edition' at page 513.

But unfortaunately, I lost this email, and I can not access
the archived mailling list at http://vr.ncsa.uiuc.edu/vtkusers/
coz "Error connecting to the database".

I want to connect with him/her, cause I have something to ask.
If you are the one I am looking for, would you please drop on
me a message?

Sorry to bother you huys & have a nice weekend!


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