Creating local libraries for VTK 2.2

Miguel Angel Martin Fernandez vtk at
Tue Dec 14 08:35:36 EST 1999

Hello VTK users,

	I've always found a problem in VTK. If you have VTK installed in
your system and several users want to create their own libraries with
their own classes, some problems arise:

	* They probably don't have permissions to write where VTK is
	* If several users are putting their classes in the same library,
the library will compile only if all the classes' codes are right.

	I've made a script to avoid this problem and to make local
libraries. Any user can build their own libraries for C++ and Tcl/Tk (I
haven't done it for java and python is not tested). I've made it for *IX
systems (linux, irix, ...). So I ask anobody to port it to windows :).

	The current version of my script is 2.0 and it runs for VTK 2.2.

	Now I'm making the version for VTK 2.4. I'va had some problems,
but now everything seems to work properly (thanx to Daniel J. Blezek). I
think that it'll be this week.

	Anybody can use the software. I think it's useful :). The only
problem is that it's for VTK 2.2 until the version for VTK 2.4 is ready.

	To get it:

	(the file vtkLocalOld.tgz is for VTK 2.0).

	I expect you find it useful.


                     Miguel Ángel Martín Fernández
                          ETSI Telecomunicaion
                       Universidad de Valladolid
                         Campus Miguel Delibes 
                    e-mail: miguel at
                      Tfono: 983-423000 ext: 25548

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