getting into GNU : new software rolling out in late december

mike eschman meschman at
Sun Dec 12 08:58:43 EST 1999


we (engima) are developing software for us army
corps of engineers (usace) to assist in rainfall /
drainage management on the gulf coast.  the
technologies used are VTK, JAVA 2D/3D, VRML and
C/C++.  It is targeted for web based usage and a
cd distribution.  functionality includes .dsn
mfile (intergraph microstation) to .dxf
(autocad/open std.) conversion without loss of
attributes, vrml plant walkthrus with access to
engineering drawings, rainfall event simulation
with vtk, and scheduled movie services over the
web using the stony brook video server (gnu / open

the vtk components handle simulation and real-time
emulation tasks (sensor driven) and will be
parallalizied (?) beginning in january.  we have
already built a seven node beowulf for testing and
are working on a second for a local university
team to use in supporting our activities.

finally i will get to the point.  we are now
packaging the first release.  it is to be issued
under the GNU agreement (freeware) and bundles
lots of other freeware.  has anyone on this list
issued new packages under GNU, dealt with
distribution issues for federal software, ect ??

perhaps more importantly, does anyone on this list
have an interest in these drainage / rainfall
vtk and beowulf (java ?) and a budget to do some
of what they need to do (but not all) ?  if so,
this is a "stone soup" marriage proposal.  i hope
this becomes a regular freeware product

few issues are more important than drainage and
rainfall management down here in new orleans.  i'm
trying to find others on the list with similar
concerns (dutch ?).

mike eschman, engima
We don't believe in kings presidents or voting.
We believe in rough consensus and running code.

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