draw with vtkImageCanvasSource2D in every slice

Adrian Anner a.anner at medres.ch
Mon Dec 6 10:30:58 EST 1999


I read some ct-slices in a vtkImageData. Now I want to draw in each slice
with vtkImageCanvasSource2D.

I tried the following:

vtkImageThreshold  * threshold = vtkImageThreshold::New();

vtkExtractVOI  *extract = vtkExtractVOI::New();
vtkImageCanvasSource2D *canvas = vtkImageCanvasSource2D::New();

for (int slice = 0; slice < 20; slice++) {
      extract->SetInput( threshold->GetOutput() );
      extract->SetVOI( 0, x-1, 0, y-1, slice, slice );

      canvas->SetImageData( extractorT->GetOutput() );
      canvas->SetDrawColor( 200 );
      canvas->FillPixel( 0, 0 );

now I display the slices but I just get the slices without the drawing.
If I set canvas->SetImageData( threshold->GetOutput() );
I get the drawing just in the first slice. What do I have to change or is
there an other way to do this ?



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