No OpenGL support in Windows2000 ??

Thomas D. Citriniti citrit at
Sat Dec 4 13:52:38 EST 1999

> I realize this is slightly off-topic but it must have implications for vtk
> developers and users.

I am currently developing code under Windows 2000 using Vtk and OpenGL with
a TNT2 card and both Microsoft and NVidia are releasing drivers for the
hardware for both OpenGL and Direct3D. Win2K ships with the OpenGL32.dll
that works on the ICD/MCD model with full compliance with the old NT4 model.
(I have run NT4 drivers under W2K). The funny part is the NVidia driver
first supported OpenGL hardware acceleration and then supported D3D. My view
is the hardware vendors know where the future of 3D is and will continue to
support OpenGL.

Tom C.

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