Can I make a mirror?

Robert Stein rstein at
Fri Dec 3 17:01:09 EST 1999

Hey Tom, 

	Sounds like fun! :)  I think more of what you may want to do however, is
like environment mapping... one way that you could support this in vtk is
to actually pre-render an image from the viewpoint of the mirror... so that
you could use this image as a texture map to apply to the mirror when
rendering from your real camera's viewpoint...  This will work fine if this
is some precomputed animation... however, if you want a more interactive
session then you would probably want something like a
vtkOpenGL/MesaOffscreenRenderWindow...  I don't know if these are available
in the current distribution, but if your interested... I think we have some
that I could share with a little clean up work...  
	I hope this reply has been helpful to you, and not just added more work to
your plate! :)


Rob Stein

At 02:33 PM 12/3/99 -0600, you wrote:
>You'll see in the attached Tcl script, I'm displaying a Moebius Strip,
>and I'm trying to implement a refective mirror underneath it that
>remains oriented to the camera, and shows the reflection of the
>underside of the Moebius Strip as the camera rotates around it.
>But regardless of what I do with the Specular, Ambient, and Diffuse
>parameters, nothing shows up in the mirror.
>A second problem I'm having is, the mirror seems to wobble as I
>move the camera.  I suspect this is because I'm using the wrong
>coordinate system to orient the mirror, but if anybody has a suggestion,
>it'd be appreciated.

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