Uwe Koehler uk at
Wed Dec 29 08:51:28 EST 1999

Hi everybody!

I am trying to reconstruct a surface from noisy 3D data. I already know 
that the surface must be within 2 voxels of filtered data. Using this, I can 
construct a worst case limit. This results in an unstructured grid. Based on 
scalar data for every point in the unstructured grid, I would like to contour 
a better approximation of the surface. Due to the noise, the contour 
surface is not always within the 2 voxel limit. Can I have a general and 
oddly shaped capping surface for the contour? In the end I want the 
contour within the unstructured grid or the surface of the grid to fill out 
those regions where the contour and the grid surface intersect.

It is not a simple case of capping the top and bottom. Maybe someone 
can help me?


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