Major check-in: constructors/destructors now protected

Will Schroeder will.schroeder at
Sun Aug 29 15:47:32 EDT 1999

Hi Folks-

This is for those downloading the nightly releases or following the VTK changes leading to the release of vtk3.0.

Constructors and destructors in VTK are now protected. This means you can no longer use little "new" or "delete" to create VTK instances. You'll have to use the methods ::New() and ::Delete() (as has been standard practice for some time).

The reason for this is to enforce the use of New() and Delete(). Not using New() and Delete() can lead to bad mojo, mainly reference counting problems or not taking advantage of special procedures incorporated into the New() method (e.g., selecting the appropriate hardware interface during instance creation time).

If you've used New() and Delete() in your code, these changes will not affect you at all. If you're using little "new" or "delete", your code will no longer and compile and you'll have to switch to New() and Delete().


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