Coredumps with vtkVectorText

Rob Hodges s323140 at
Fri Aug 27 04:19:52 EDT 1999


I built VTK on my RedHat 6 box with no problems, but I get segfaults
whenever I try to use vtkVectorText (more specifically, when I try to
render the window containing the actor associated with an instance of
it).  This occurs in the examples that use it too.  (Both the python
and tcl ones, anyway.)  

At first I thought I had a new enough egcs not to worry about math
inlines, but when I found it doing this I did a 'make clean' and rebuilt 
with no math inlines.  Still it did it, so I thought maybe make clean
hadn't done its job completely; deleted the entire source and untarred 
again; recompiled.  Still it does it.  As you can imagine, I'm getting 
pretty sick of these fruitless 2-hour compiles.  

In other respects, VTK works fine (and I'm really impressed with it

For what it's worth, I passed the following to configure:
--with-mesa --with-tcl --with-shared --with-contrib --with-patented

So... has anybody any ideas?  Has anybody else built VTK on RedHat 6
and is able to run or text.tcl in the examples?  I'd be
grateful for any assistance.


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